SIMPLE GOODNESS for artistists

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SIMPLEGOODNESS                                          uses simple logic

simple logic looks first

at the words we are using

to discover what believing

the words are  creating


simple logic shows us that

since an artist makes art

an artistist makes artists

if you wish to

recreate yourself

as a prosperous and prolific artist

then we can help!

So let’s get started!

begin at the beginning…

Hey there, hi, uh, do you have a moment to talk?

Let’s talk about Humanity 2.0, an entirely new creation under the sun.
(It is NOT humanity 101, which we shall study along the way.)
Humanity 2.0 is a starting point for what will go beyond Humanity 2.0 
Humanity 2.0 begins with an understanding of
Process 2.0.
ArtBiz 2.0 is an example of Process 2.0 
The intention of any Process 2.0 is the inception, birthing, and expansion of Humanity 2.0.
Process 2.0 utilizes Simple Goodness AND Simple Logic.
Process 2.0 deals in consequences- sequences, iterations, continuing results of prior actions.
Humanity 2.0 is defined by:
Simple Goodness,
 ever wider, deeper, stronger,  finer, and more subtle.
Conflict resolution through truth and love.
In ArtBiz 2.0:
The artistists’ (maybe a new label meaning the use of artists as art material) role in society is truth seeker, truth teller, way shower. 
An artistist uses their own life experience on any and every level to know, accept, and lovingly transform themself into a fully realized member of Humanity 2.0. They also function in the same way collectively. We criticize ourselves and by permission we collectively reflect on members’ actions. Self responsible as an individual and as a collective unit.
ArtBiz 2.0 is open to any and all that accept the basic tenets of Humanity 2.0 and whatever discoveries we happen to make along the way, Process 2.0 as it evolves, (evolves = even loves). 
We begin to distinguish the characteristics of ArtBiz 2.0 by looking back to Collab’s inception, evolution, and reinvention as ArtBizNet. (Look at the models of h101 as to collective intention and collective action found in the original stock market to favor its members, also in AMA inception in its agreement to standardize practice among its members. Both models create a circle of mutual agreement fostering understanding and trust.)
Put on the hat that says “I believe in me so I can trust you.”