Hello friend!

Come on in, sit right down, put your feet up on this stool while I bring us a sparkling brew.

Yes home is where I want to be!

I’ve been on the road too long, my friend. You’ve been along. I know you can’t disagree.

Let’s just sit and sip and think on being back home again, okay?

Here in this spacious place within the heart where we all meet is the portal or doorway to a perfect world where we came from and we can return to in an instant, any moment.  My wife and I live here and you are welcome to visit any time!

We believe in the power of simple goodness to bring us all back home. As soon as you say the words ‘simple goodness’ something begins to happen in your energy field. There is a part of everyone that is tuned in to the frequency of life. This connection begins at birth with the first breath and only leaves with the last breath. The intention of this part is simple goodness for all. When we use these words we are calling on that part of each one which yearns for the best for all, as far as that can reach for that person at that time. So the cumulative power of our collective intent to prosper supports any wish that includes it!

While your energy field is responding to the above information let’s talk to your curious mind for a moment.

What is Simple Goodness For All?

First of all, does it sound like a good idea to you?

Does it, at least, sound like it could be a good idea?

So let’s take it apart, word by word and find the meaning…

Simple is easy. Simple is elegant. Simple is clear and direct.

Simple means something you, yourself, can know, for sure, for yourself without any kind of expert defining it for you.

Simple is safe because of all the above.

Goodness as a word in the post modern world seems to have lost its simplest meaning in the flurry of ad copy and faith based pronouncements. Goodness! is even a mild exclamation for the dainty of speech.

We will suggest here a personal meaning for the word that you will intuitively understand. Observing your own personal experience of the flow of life in and around you, what is goodness? Well, you want your body to remain intact so integrity meaning holding together, is good. Also you want ease of movement so flow is good; we connect to resources outside for sustaining our life so connections are good.

These suggestions are just a beginning point for your own exploration. In order to get immediate value you must sense inside your own self what the personal meaning is. You may have other words that work in the same way. Bring them here to share.

Simple goodness makes you a better person by creating an intention with motivation behind it.