About Us

Welcome to Mama Jo’s Spacious Place. I am Papa Jaques.  Believing is our life blood and happiness is in our bones. Our journey began last year in January when we met. We became engaged in April and after all due diligence was met we married in October. There were, of course, bumps in the road along the way. We both together and each separately have grown in strength and kindness.  What we have learned is nothing short of miraculous and we are here to share with all. As each kept bringing more goodness and joy to the other and received even more in return we realized the power of simple goodness. So we began this site to spread the miracle we call “GetMo Perfect” in which you set a specific intention for yourself and add a broad intention “…and Simple Goodness for all”.  Your wish is clarified and magnified by the ‘Simple Goodness for all’ bit, which includes yourself as well and ensures that there are no twists, turns, or hidden zingers delivered with your wish. This is how the phrase ‘simple goodness’ takes the iffyness out of wishing. We have much more detail to share about wishing as we go along. And all our friends do, too.

Our team also includes friends and associates we made along the way. If you feel energized by this concept once you let it sink in, please get in touch and share your inspiration; the circle of kindness joining us will grow and grow as this manifest destiny unrolls before our feet. We see the possibility of an entirely new human family emerging as we free ourselves from the stress and worry around us. Picture a block of ice with the new you inside. The words we gift you with here- “Simple Goodness!” are two drops of water placed on the top of that ice block. Two drops of water that melt two more drops that melt four drops that melt eight drops…until the new you is released and then sustained by the water transformed from solid to liquid… so you see this is a process that is so easy to start, just say the words “Simple Goodness” and gathers its own momentum as you allow your heart to dwell on the concept of more and more and more… Simple Goodness for All.